The Cheaper Than Amazon Guarantee

We guarantee that the purchase price of our products will always be cheaper than the same product on Amazon, by Amazon, third party sellers or even ourselves. If this turns out not to be the case we will happily beat the price you could have paid, no questions asked, just show us proof of the better price!


To be eligible for the price guarantee the product you show as proof must be the exact same product in every way, although we will not unreasonably deny a very similar product (eg. different packaging).

Prices on Amazon that require postage to be paid on top of the product price will have that price included in the comparison price, our shipping price is excluded from calculations as the website is not designed for single product orders. The shipping time must be comparable or better than ours and must be compared as if it were sent to the same address in the UK, what is deemed as acceptable will be decided by us and our decision is final.

The guarantee is only valid for customers in the UK and comparison to and for products in Pound Sterling £ GBP.

We compare our prices to those on Amazon every day where possible but we cannot be held responsible or made liable for any discrepancies in our claims other than those laid out in these terms.

Amazon 'Prime' and 'Subscribe and Save' products are sometimes sold at discounted rates because the cost of the prime subscription or one or multiple product purchase subscriptions subsidises the cost of the product, for this reason we may deny a claim for these products but will always endeavour to beat them where possible.

We reserve the right to deny any claim that falls under this guarantee if we believe it to be fraudulent, anti-competitive or for any other reason without explanation.

Payment of any reimbursements concerning the guarantee shall be made to the purchaser only and will be made using the original payment method wherever possible, if this is not possible we will seek to use another method of our choosing, we may deny any unreasonable requested payment methods and may deny the claim entirely on this basis.

We will endeavour to have all claims settled within 30 days but cannot be held responsible for any delays up to an unlimited amount of time.

Our decision is final and may not be challenged.

We reserve the right to amend or change these terms at any time without notice, consideration or notification.

Amazon and its intellectual property are property of Amazon Inc. and are registered in the UK and around the world, we may use some Amazon images and words for information purposes only but will happily remove them at the owners request.